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Latest News
China promise fuels alpaca co-op meeting

7 June 2016: A booming three-state alpaca co-op with strong pre-sales to China will hold its formation meeting next week. Aided by the successful Farming Together program, the Waratah Alpaca Fibre Co-operative expects more than 50 alpaca producers from across NSW,...
Record shipment of alpaca fleece to China signals new industry for Australia

Record volumes of alpaca fleece are being shipped to China in what is hoped will set the industry up as a major new arm of Australian agriculture.

A regular fixture of bed-and-breakfasts, wineries and boutique hobby farms, the long-necked animal is more likely to be associated with the cottage industry than big-scale farming.

But alpaca farmers from across the country are banding together to ramp up their herd sizes and meet burgeoning demand in Asia
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